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Fr. Oswalt received a phone call one day from Sr. Rose, RSM, at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City.  She asked if he was looking for some Stations of the Cross.  How she knew, no one could figure out.  She invited him to lunch at the convent and to see the stations she had in mind.  She showed him three beautiful Stations of the Cross, done in heavy plaster. She said that these had been in the sisters' chapel at Mt. St. Mary’s High School (Oklahoma City) since the Sisters of Mercy had first arrived in 1905.  They were original to the chapel; but were no longer needed as the sisters had turned over the entire building to the high school.  If he wanted the stations he could have them.  The stations were in near perfect condition. They were ivory and blue.  This seemed to have dictated what the color scheme was going to be for the new chapel, as who wanted to repaint century old stations?

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